Welcome to Markets and Community

My name is Nitty Brown and I am the founder of Markets and Community.  Around eight years ago, when I was visiting a local market during the Queen’s birthday long weekend, we realised there wasn’t any websites that listed markets with enough information on when it was on and details about the market.

On a blank piece of paper I set out to build a business plan to list markets, events and stallholders.  I engaged a web designer and we built a custom built website which took a year to build.  With excitement we launched and I realised it still lacked lots of functionalities such as dates of when the market was on.

So back to the board we went and spent the last year getting a new website built with the functionality of having the dates of markets and events and also location mapping.

Now, eight years later we have launched a fabulous product for the market lovers where they can see where their favourite market is, whether it be their local farmers market or craft market when visiting on holidays or a local community event.

The site will also feature local businesses including which markets they sell at and the newest function of supplier listings.  The supplier listing is a business to business service for the market and event industry.

Our goal is to continuously improve to keep supporting these businesses and promoting them to the world of digital media.

So join us in our journey and keep supporting local businesses by buying local.

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