Welcome to 2022 and our 10th year of celebrating Markets and Community!

Welcome to 2022

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and enjoy what we offer. We are starting the year with some amazing numbers:

16,377 Social media followers from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

13,337 Market Stallholders Wanted members

2,647 Food stallholders (Australia) members

Our weekly ‘What’s on’ posts will continue as it brings in opportunity for markets and events to promote themselves. It is always nice to get a thank you from a market organiser as a shoutout from us as it attracts visitors they couldn’t attract to their market or event.

2021 was a struggle for us, as I personally found it very difficult to support the heartbreak market, events and stallholders were facing. The constant changes to restrictions especially in Victoria was a real struggle as the chain of effect didn’t stop at the market organiser, it went right through to stallholders, suppliers, the community and the local council.

But moving on from that we are looking forward to working with markets, events and businesses to keep promoting you through our website and social media.

Our target for 2022 is to list and promote 200 new markets, events and businesses whilst supporting the ones who are currently listed with us and keeping up with 1000s of visitors who visit our website looking for markets and events for the weekend.

We are starting the year off with 22% off listings for January. To take advantage of this offer when taking on a new listing ensure you use the code: mac2022 at checkout to get your 22% off your fee.