Mother’s Day has become a retailer’s haven with a survey by in 2018 found that Australians spent over 700 million with an average of $75 spend on gifts for mums in that year.

After the tremulous year of 2020, this year Mother’s Day will be celebrated with a renewed desire to rebuild that intimate connection with mums. Whether it be taking them out for lunch, a letter, phone call, spending the day with them we know that now more than ever our relationships are closer with our families and mothers will certainly get spoilt in 2021.

Finding that personal gift can be hard and it is always a last-minute rush. Due to the rise in online shopping, the likelihood of last-minute shopping purchases can be halted with the likely delays in postage.

One simple and perfect solution is visiting your local markets in your community. April and May bring in an increase in markets and events to celebrate the long weekend of Easter, Anzac Day and the upcoming Mother’s Day. The handmade and homemade products attract gift buyers to give something that is grown or made with heart, there is always something special about receiving a gift like this.

Purchasing from these artisans and growers is a critical component to the economic opportunities for the nation, it stimulates the local economy by supporting business, employment, access to fresh and healthy food and most importantly bring in the community together.

This Mother’s Day why not take your mother to your local market and spend a few hours strolling through the stalls and indulging some homemade delicacies.  This is your contribution to the rebuilding of our economy whilst spending time with your precious mother.

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